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Maybe you have ideas….


Maybe you need ideas…


Maybe you have questions…


Maybe you just need solutions but don't know what questions to ask…


Let Maybe... Market Research & Strategy help you explore the possibilities





Maybe.... was started with a ton of experience and a thought - that market research could be done differently.  


At Maybe... we are obsessed with how people think, how people make decisions, what people want, what people get the idea.


We enjoy exploring the possibilities for brands to help take them to the next level.


Experience what large company experience & small company care can do.


Maybe…Market Research & Strategy focuses on all types of qualitative research.


We work across industries and demographics to keep us fresh.  We have a special love for creating unique approaches and combining online and in-person research methods to explore how people interact with products and brands in the real world.


Jennifer Larsen founded Maybe... after spending 15 years working in market research.  As you can see she's been in the business since she learned how to walk, but has spent her time wisely, working across different topic areas, from CPG to pharmaceutical to kids.  


She utilizes her psychology background and her innate nosiness to make people feel comfortable enough to share their deepest, darkest secrets, and their not-so-dark secrets. 


When she's not  doing research, she is busy annoying her two young children with her inquisitive nature.  Right now they are pretty happy telling her all about their days, but just wait until they are teenagers!

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